Scaling Pact contract testing for teams and enterprises

When selecting a means to manage and scale your API contract testing initiative, you’ll need to consider the best way to host the Pact Broker. The Pact Broker is an application for sharing consumer driven contracts and verification results. It is optimized for use with “pacts” (contracts created by the Pact framework).

There are two options for hosting the Pact Broker:

  1. Self-host the Pact Broker
  2. Use PactFlow – fully and hosted managed service

Self-host the Pact Broker

The Pact Broker is an Open Source tool that requires you to deploy, administer, and host it yourself. Learn about sharing Pacts with the Pact Broker.

Use PactFlow as a plug-and-play option

Hosting for the Pact Broker is included in all PactFlow plans – the free Starter Plan, Team Plan, and Enterprise Plan (excluding on-premise deployment).

PactFlow supports the Pact contract testing specification and comes with other benefits, including capabilities designed to help organizations of all sizes start and scale their contract testing initiative with ease.

Differences between Pact Open Source and PactFlow

Compare the features to determine which option best suits your needs.

Open Source PactFlow
Contract testing mode: consumer driven ​ Using the Pact OSS framework and tooling​ check interface icon check interface icon
Contract testing mode: bi-directional ​ Integrate with OpenAPI, and upgrade your existing tools into a powerful contract testing workflow letter x interface icon check interface icon
Contract types Which contract formats supported Pact Pact + OpenAPI specification - NEW!
Third-party integrations: Design first API contract testing in the SwaggerHub Editor letter x interface icon check interface icon
Hosting Who will run the service? Self-hosted Fully managed or on premises
Collaboration features User management, role based access, team permissions etc. letter x interface icon check interface icon
Secure access and administration SAML SSO, Sign-in via Google apps and GitHub organizations, SCIM support check interface icon check interface icon
User interface Basic Advanced - including Can I Deploy​
Team size Small teams Large teams
Support What commercial support is available Community only check interface icon
API Tokens Authenticate to APIs using API bearer token letter x interface icon check interface icon
Secrets Store CI credentials and other secrets securely as encrypted values letter x interface icon check interface icon
Audit trail Full audit history of all platform activity letter x interface icon check interface icon

PactFlow for teams

For teams early in their adoption journey of PactFlow seeking a flexible, scalable, and secure contract testing solution.

  • SaaS deployment
  • Credit card billing
  • Secrets
  • Advanced user management

PactFlow for enterprise

For organizations requiring contract testing across multiple teams in a secure environment, available on-premise or on the cloud.

  • On-premise or secure SaaS deployment
  • Advanced user management
  • Secrets

Reasons to use PactFlow

If you use the Open Source Pact Broker, here are some reasons you may wish to try PactFlow.

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