SwaggerHub Integration

SwaggerHub + PactFlow integration

Avoid breaking changes by using PactFlow to get unprecedented visibility of your APIs and how they are consumed from the SwaggerHub Editor.

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Design-first API contract testing in SwaggerHub

Use PactFlow in the SwaggerHub editor to get immediate feedback on proposed changes to your APIs removing blind spots and reducing the risk of issues in production.


Benefits include:


Get visibility of how APIs are being used by consumers


Work independently to safely accelerate release cycles


Rapidly increase the coverage of tests across the system


Prevent easily avoidable breaking changes


Reduce the need for API versioning


Be confident to deploy

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What is contract testing and why do you need it

Contract testing answers the question “will my API behave the way that we agree it should?”. A technique growing in popularity, it calms the chaos caused by complex, scaling microservices architectures. Here’s why companies like M1 Finance, Cera Care, Forto and Wesfarmers love contract testing:

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Fast and reliable feedback on a single integration

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No need to create and manage dedicated test environments

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A process that scales linearly as the business and the microservices grow

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Allows teams to deploy their services independently

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How it works

Getting started is simple. You'll need to have both a PactFlow account (any plan) and a SwaggerHub Team or Enterprise account. You can set up and run the integration in 4 simple steps. Then you're ready to start contract testing in the SwaggerHub Editor:

Frequently Asked Questions

Contract testing provides an instant compatibility check so API designers can confirm changes to an API will not result in a breaking change to their consumers. Without this, teams must rely on other downstream teams and processes to catch breaking changes, and needlessly guard against backwards-incompatible changes in the API, leading to bloated APIs, excessive versioning and technical debt. Read the case for contract testing vs integration testing.

This integration enables the API provider to confirm their compatibility with their consumers using the OAS. The compatibility check can be completed instantly in the SwaggerHub Editor as the API designer creates or updates the specification or embedded in CI/CD pipelines. The integration is facilitated by PactFlow's bi-directional contract testing feature - read more here

Gate consumers from releasing unless they are compatible with a new API specification. When making changes to an existing API, instantly obtain feedback about the compatibility of the change with the consumers of the API.

Yes, you will need both a PactFlow and a SwaggerHub account to use this integration. All PactFlow plans are applicable with the integration – free Starter, Team and Enterprise plans. With SwaggerHub, you will need to be on a paid plan to use the integration.

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