Pactflow. Contract testing for teams.

Make the most of your contract testing initiative with Pact. Run, maintain and fix integration issues more easily than ever before.

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We've invested heavily into the security of our platform, completely re-designing the security of the OSS Pact Broker.

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Designed for teams

Our premium management tools, insights and dashboard enables large teams to get the most out of Pact.

Designed for scale

Built for large teams, with the choice of a fully managed service or self-hosted deployment.

Open Roadmap

We pride ourselves on our open and transparent approach. You can shape it by telling us what you need to succeed.

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You choose: your servers or ours

Choose between deployment options without choosing between features.

Our fully managed stack is designed for scale and security, with thousands customers relying on us. Get up and running within minutes.

Need to deploy to your own hardware? No problems, deploy Enterprise Pactflow as a drop-in replacement for the open source Pact Broker, with all of the key features of our SaaS offering1,2.

1. On-premise deployment currently only supports SAML 2.0 authentication mode
2. Available on our enterprise plans, starting at 100 user license

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Feature Comparison

Compare the Open Source Pact Broker to Pactflow

Open Source Pactflow
Hosting Who will run the service? Self-hosted Fully managed or on premises
Collaboration features User management, role based access, team permissions etc. check interface icon
User interface Basic Advanced
Team size Small teams Large teams
Support What commercial support is available Community only check interface icon
Integrates with Pact OSS framework + tooling check interface icon check interface icon
Contract types Which contract formats supported Pact Pact + OpenAPI specification
Testing mode Support for multiple approaches to contract testing Consumer-driven Consumer or Provider-driven
API Tokens Authenticate to APIs using API bearer token check interface icon
Secrets Store CI credentials and other secrets securely as encrypted values check interface icon
Audit trail Full audit history of all platform activity check interface icon

Teams & Role Based Access

Invite users, create teams and manage access with our simple user management features.

  • decoration Group users and applications into teams
  • decoration Restrict system access with user roles and permissions
  • decoration Create and manage system (API only) users

Hosted Stubs

Get instant API stubs for your contracts.
Replace expensive, fragile and hard to maintain test environments with lightning fast and reliable hosted stubs.

  • decoration Instant test environments for feature testing
  • decoration Simplify local development against multiple backends
  • decoration Discover and explore other APIs
Hosted Stubs
Github Badges

Pull Request Status Checks

Get feedback on your PRs in Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket or whatever SCM you use.


Create powerful workflows, integrate developer tools and automate common activities.

  • decoration Edit and test webhooks through a simple user interface
  • decoration Integrates with secrets
  • decoration View the previously executed webhooks

Testing Insights

Gain better insight into the status of your integration testing and pinpoint integration issues into verification failures direct in the dashboard.


Manage sensitive information with our Secrets feature. All secrets are:

  • decoration Encrypted with customer specific keys
  • decoration Redacted in all log files
  • decoration Hidden from all users in the UI
Secure Login

Secure Authentication

Securely control access to Pactflow, with the choice of how you want to authenticate and manage your users1:

1. Our on premises deployment option currently only supports SAML 2.0 authentication

  • decoration Pactflow’s built-in user database
  • decoration Github authentication
  • decoration Google OpenID Connect
  • decoration SAML 2.0 Provider

Audit Trail

Integrate Pactflow into your security operations centre (SOC) with our immutable audit log, available as an API. The trail provides full traceability of access and system usage, so you can always stay up to date with what's happening on the platform.

Audit trail
Pactflow Terraform Provider

Infrastructure as Code

Automate your Pactflow configuration with Terraform, avoid configuration drift and ensure your CI/CD pipeline is always green.

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