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AI-Augmented Contract Testing

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Automate. Generate. Accelerate.

AI-Augmented Contract Testing

Be the First: Join the Waitlist for Exclusive Access to PactFlow’s AI-Augmented Contract Testing powered by SmartBear HaloAI

AI-Driven Contract Testing. Automate, Accelerate, and Deliver.

PactFlow's AI-Augmented Contract Testing Solution streamlines API testing by automating the creation and maintenance of contract tests. Seamlessly integrating with developer tooling, it acts as an intelligent partner, accelerating development, reducing costs, and ensuring tests remain current with code changes.

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Intelligent Test Automation

Automatically generate and maintain your contract tests with minimal effort, with support for all major Pact supported languages.

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Faster Test Cycles and Cost Savings

Scale up your contract testing with existing code, OpenAPI, or traffic data, cutting time-to-market and saving up to 60% of your time compared to manual testing.

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Proactive Test Maintenance

Stay ahead with automatic updates for your tests generated from code changes.

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Enhanced Developer Experience

Seamlessly integrates into your existing IDEs and development workflows, acting like a smart pairing partner.

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How it Works

PactFlow's AI-Augmented Contract Testing automates test creation, integrates with developer tools, accelerates development, reduces costs, and keeps tests up-to-date.

  1. Step 1
    Write Code
  2. Step 2
    Run CLI
  3. Step 3
    AI Generates Tests
  4. Step 4
    Execute Tests
PactFlow AI-Augmented Contract Testing

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Initially, PactFlow’s AI-augmented contract testing supports consumer Pact tests for HTTP interactions. Future support for provider verification and event-based architectures is planned.

We will initially support Pact JVM and Pact JS (both native JS and TypeScript). Support for all SmartBear supported languages will be released in due course.

No, this is a PactFlow exclusive feature. We have no plans to open source it.

Initially, this will be available to our cloud customers only. If you are an on-premises customer and would like to get access to the product, please contact your Account Executive.

We use OpenAI enterprise endpoints. Protecting customer data is our priority: PactFlow is SOC2 compliant, we do not use customer data for training any models, and we log input/outputs. This information is stored securely and is accessible to a small number of engineers based on their role. Data is reviewed to inspect performance, review support cases, and improve our product. All data is automatically deleted after 90 days. For more on OpenAI's data protections, please see their data protection page.

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