User Management

User Management

Matt Fellows

Whilst many of our customers choose to provide access through their own, centrally managed Identity Provider (IdP), federate through Github or via their OpenID connect providers others are happy to use our built-in user management. Until now, our user management capabilities have been fairly rudimentary.

Today we are pleased to announce that we've extended the administration screens to allow account administrators to manage their team on behalf of their account. Ultimately, our aim is to fully support distributed teams with granular permissions and role-based access; this is the first of the major changes we have planned in this space.

Update Nov 2020: teams, roles and permissions are now available.


With user management, administrators can now:

  • Manage users within their plan limits
  • See the users in their team as well as their last login date
  • Invite new users to join the team
  • Enable and disable users (disabled users don't count towards limits)
  • Manage who else can administer your account

Excluding inviting new users, these features extend to accounts configured via an external IdP such as GitHub, Google or SAML2.0.

Here is user management in action:


User Management is available on all plans and is available now.

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