System Accounts

System Accounts

Matt Fellows

One of the key use cases in Pactflow is orchestrating continuous delivery pipelines from your CI platform such as Jenkins, Buildkite or CircleCI. Integrating Pactflow this way requires API access and we provide API tokens for this purpose. However, one challenge with API tokens is that they are tied to real users, and people come and eventually leave organisations. This creates a problem, because when that user is deactivated, anything relying on that token will stop working.

Today we are pleased to announce that we've extended our User Management feature to also support System Accounts - API only users that are designed to outlive the humans they serve.

Creating a system account

System Accounts can be found within our User Management screen. By selecting it from the user type dropdown, you can create new System Accounts, disable existing ones, retrieve or regenerate the access tokens for the account. As per our standard API tokens, they also have a read-only and read-write option available.

System Accounts are managed via the User Management screen
Example CI User for Jenkins Integration

System Accounts in all other ways will have the same permissions as any regular humanoid user, and will (in due course) therefore be able to have scoped permissions via roles assigned to them, to further control their access rights.


System Accounts are available now to all plans except for our developer tier, and there are different limits on how many you can create depending on which plan you're on (see our pricing comparison table for details).

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