Unveiling of the SwaggerHub + PactFlow Integration

Unveiling of the SwaggerHub + PactFlow Integration

Alicia Foreman
Unveiling of the SwaggerHub + PactFlow Integration

We are excited to announce that PactFlow now integrates directly with SwaggerHub.

As a SwaggerHub API designer or developer, if you’re concerned that changes to your API will impact how the API is used by the consumer you need not worry any longer.

API designers and developers can harness the power the contract testing at scale to deploy with confidence, knowing updates to their API specification will not result in a breaking change.

The integration seeks to answer the question “will my API behave the way we agreed it should?” by providing an instant, PactFlow-powered ‘compatibility check’ directly in the SwaggerHub Editor. As a new API specification is created, or changes are made to an existing specification, the developer will get instant feedback on how the consumers of the API will respond– whether result in a break or not.

Without this information, API designers must rely on other downstream teams and processes to catch breaking changes, and needlessly guard against backwards-incompatible changes in the API, leading to bloated APIs, excessive versioning and technical debt.

How it works

The integration is powered by PactFlow’s bi-directional contract testing feature. The API specification created in SwaggerHub is repurposed as a source of truth for the API provider allowing a compatibility check to be completed against the consumer contract tests written in PactFlow. Watch the demo.

Getting started

Read the docs to learn how to get started.

You'll need both aPactFlow and SwaggerHub account to try this integration out. Sign up here:

>  Create a free PactFlow starter plan

> Create a SwaggerHub trial plan  

The future of API development and testing

The concept of ‘design-first API contract testing’ is something we wrote about late 2022 in anticipation of this release. This integration is innovative move for SmartBear’s leading API development platform which combines the best of a design-first API development workflow and API contract testing, a modern approach to testing APIs.

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