Manage user and system preferences

Manage user and system preferences

Matt Fellows

As we add more features and capability into the platform, we needed to make a little home to configure some of these new and upcoming features - so we just released a small feature to enable you to manage that.

Configuring Preferences

Preferences are applied at the user, team and system level (as at the time of this post however, there are no visible team based permissions).

You can configure the following items:

  • Toggle the welcome dialog for the current user
  • Toggle the ability to be notified when API tokens expire

Administrators can additional configure the ability to:

  • Set the API token expiry
  • Display a dismissable announcement on login
  • Display a permanent banner at the top of the application

You can reach the page in Settings > Preferences:

Preferences screen as visible to an administrator

Permissions required

Configurable global preferences

Configuring the global settings is allowed for administrators with the system_preference:manage:* permission.

Configuring your personal preferences

All users are able to manage their personal preferences, no additional permission is required to be granted.

Available now

The preferences settings are available now on all plans. You can read more about it here:

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