Enterprise login via SAML and Google

Enterprise login via SAML and Google

Matt Fellows

We understand the security needs of our customers are diverse, and we have been working hard to provide a secure environment for our customers to operate within. A number of our customers would prefer that access to external systems be centrally controlled by their Identity Provider (IdP), so that they can protect their IP and audit access.

Today we are pleased to announce an improvement to this position, with the launch of two new authentication modes: login via Google, and federated login through SAML 2.0 providers, as well as an improved login process.

When logging into Pactflow, you will now be presented with a screen similar to the below. The options shown will be determined by the configuration for your account:


  • Google Authentication is available now to all users on the Team plans.
  • SAML authentication is available to our customers on the Business or custom plans.

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