Pactflow: Continuous Delivery for Microservices

Pactflow: Continuous Delivery for Microservices

Matt Fellows

Two years ago in front of the inaugural tConf crowd in Melbourne, we launched a hosted beta of our Pact Broker to make it easier to get started with Pact and ease the administrative burden on teams, with the vision to transform the way teams test and release distributed systems. In the intervening years, we've spoken to hundreds of our customers and users, iterated on the product and listened to your feedback.

Today we’re excited to announce our first commercial offering - Pactflow. Built by the team behind Pact, we have created a secure, scalable and improved contract testing experience.

Over the course of the next few months, we'll be rolling out a number of new features, including:

  1. A shiny new look and feel
  2. Social authentication with GitHub or standard login if that's not your thing (yes, we've removed basic auth!)
  3. API key authentication for all your CI and automation needs
  4. An improved Webhook setup experience
  5. Visualisation of verification results
  6. Provider-driven contract testing support with OpenAPI Spec (Swagger)
Pactflow dashboard

We are particularly excited about OpenAPI support, as it's one of the most common topics and pain points we hear about. We think this will be a game changer in this space.

Lastly, we want to make two promises.

Firstly, we want reassure our customers on the previous generation free tier that you will not be forced to upgrade, pay or change anything - our commitment to you has not changed.

Secondly, to our Open Source community. We ❤️ Open Source, and have created Pactflow as the avenue for us to make it part of our day jobs. We're committed to making Pact a thriving project, growing our fantastic community and solving bigger and better problems. We've designed our company in such a way, that the success of Pactflow is interlinked with the success of Pact, creating a virtuous cycle that ensures mutual success.

We're so excited to be embarking on this journey with you and look forward to helping you simplify the delivery of microservices at scale.

The Pactflow team

Introducing Bi-Directional Contract Testing
4 March 2022

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