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For developers or small teams. Designed to get you started with Pact.

  • No credit card required
  • Unlimited users
  • 5 integrations
  • Bi-Directional Contract Testing
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$ 109
USD per month (billed yearly as $1,307)

For small development teams and start ups.

  • Unlimited integrations
  • Community support
  • Bi-Directional Contract Testing
  • GitHub and Google Login

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Contract testing at scale for medium to large organisations. Includes all Team features and:

  • SAML SSO support
  • Email support1
  • Access to solutions advisor
  • SaaS or on-premises deployment


Starter Team Enterprise
Contract testing mode – consumer driven Using the Pact OSS framework and tooling​ check interface icon check interface icon check interface icon
Contract testing mode – bi-directional​ Integrate with OpenAPI, and upgrade your existing tools into a powerful contract testing workflow ​ check interface icon check interface icon check interface icon
Users Number of fully featured Users who can access PactFlow Unlimited 10 or 25 25 and above
System Accounts Number of API only users for CI/CD access 1 1 Unlimited
Teams Manage users and group applications into teams check interface icon check interface icon check interface icon
Fine grained permissions Control access by assigning roles and entitlements to users and groups check interface icon check interface icon check interface icon
Applications Applications under contract Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Integrations Number of application integrations (sometimes referred to as contracts) 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Webhooks 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Verification Results Reporting View the status and mismatch details for every interaction
check interface icon
check interface icon
check interface icon
API Keys
check interface icon
check interface icon
check interface icon
Data visibility Private Private Private
Can I Deploy in the UI
check interface icon
check interface icon
check interface icon
SAML SSO Sign-in via your enterprise identity provider such as Okta, Ping, Auth0, AD via a SAML2.0 compliant Identity Provider (IdP). Includes automated provisioning/deprovisioning with SCIM1.
check interface icon
via Google apps and GitHub organizations check interface icon
check interface icon
check interface icon
Audit trail API Full audit trail of access to your account including (but not limited to) authentication, API + UI access and contract creation, updates and deletions. 30 day retention period.
check interface icon
On-premises deployment option available
check interface icon
Disk-based encryption at rest
check interface icon
check interface icon
check interface icon
Dedicated tenant database
check interface icon
check interface icon
check interface icon
Support included Community Community Email
Invoiced billing Yearly plans only
check interface icon
Vendor Security Questionnaires Complete custom vendor security and risk assessments
Enterprise only
Enterprise only
Enterprise only
1Google + GitHub authentication are only available on our hosted Team and Enterprise plans. PactFlow On-Premise deployments support SAML2.0/SCIM authentication only.
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Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What is PactFlow?

At its core, Pact is a managed version of the Open Source Pact Broker, with added features for teams and enterprises looking to scale their contract testing.

PactFlow allows teams to increase their application quality and time-to-market by speeding up the release cycle for large-scale integrated systems. Whether you build microservices, messaging systems or cloud native (e.g. lambdas) systems, Developers and Testers can write simple, isolated unit tests for each integration in their application and generate API contracts that are guaranteed to be up-to-date with their code, ensuring all dependencies are always compatible.

This unit test approach is simpler, faster and more reliable than traditional end-to-end acceptance tests for a variety of use cases, and can be integrated easily into a holistic testing strategy.

Do you offer special pricing for OSS projects, charities, not-for-profits and startups?

We sure do! Get in touch via to discuss options with one of the team.

Is PactFlow compatible with the Open Source Pact Broker?

Yes, we a fully backwards compatible with the Open Source Pact Broker. We contribute regularly to the Open Source roadmap, and generally release multiple updates a week to our customers.

If you need help migrating from a self-hosted broker, please contact us at

Do you provide an on-premise / self-hosted option?

Yes! Our Enterprise plans are a drop-in replacement for the open source Pact Broker, with all of the key features of our SaaS offering1.

1. On-premise deployment currently only supports SAML 2.0 authentication mode

Do you complete security and vendor assessments?

Yes, we are happy to complete these for our enterprise customers if our standard vendor security information (request it here) is not sufficient. You can also read more about our security practices here.

How can I upgrade from the Starter (free) plan?

You can upgrade from within your account. If you need support, just drop us a note at and we'll take it from there.

Do you store any credit card information in your systems?

No. All credit card activity and information is handled by our third-party provider, Stripe. See Stripe’s Terms and Services.

How secure is your solution?

We take security seriously. In addition to 3rd party penetration testing, we perform regular security scanning of our platform, encrypt all data at rest and use TLS for all remote communication. Each customer is further isolated via separate database instances. Read more about our approach to security.

Can I host my own Open Source Pact Broker?​

Yes, you can manage your own Pact Broker, however you will be responsible for its operation, including security, maintenance and upgrades. PactFlow is a fully-managed, highly-available, and hardened deployment of the open source version with an improved user experience and additional features (such as bi-directional contract testing).​

Compare PactFlow to the Open Source self hosted Pact Broker.​

We also provide a supported, on-premise, Enterprise version of PactFlow. If you are interested in this, please contact us Contact Us

Do you have other support options available for PactFlow plans?

Yes, we have support plans available with guaranteed response time SLAs. Contact Us for further information on how we can assist you.

Do you provide support for the self-hosted Open Source Pact Broker?

Yes, we have (paid) support plans available. Contact Us for further information on how we can assist you.

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