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Each of our partners have been hand picked, vetted and trained by our Pactflow instructors, having demonstrated a track record of delivering outcomes for customers. We work closely with our partners, ensuring they have access to the latest information on Pact and Pactflow features, and our product roadmap.

  • highly trained consultants Highly trained consultants
  • access to pactflow team Access to Pactflow team and implementation guidance
  • end to end pact capability Capability from design, implementation, rollout and training and support
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Kreuzwerker - Pact Consulting

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with offices in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Zurich and Warsaw, we have been dedicated to build, transform, migrate, scale and operate your AWS workloads. Our AWS-certified teams have been working with many clients across all industries and regions to design and optimise their IT infrastructure. Our Cloud and Engineering teams are dedicated to deliver reliable and well-crafted individual software and architectures relying on best-in-class frameworks, tools and methodologies.

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  • Pact consulting in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Zurich and Warsaw Europe: Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Zurich & Warsaw
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Sngular - Pact Consulting

Sngular is an international company with more than 20 years of experience developing innovative and customized services and solutions for its clients, boosting their transformation and growth based on technology and digital ecosystems. More than 650 professionals form Sngular’s global team working throughout the United States, Spain, Mexico, Chile, and Singapore. The company operates in agile frameworks that allow the development of international projects with multidisciplinary teams distributed in different locations. Thus, Sngular has established trusting relationships with clients suchs as BBVA, Banco santander, PNC, Mapfre, ING, Grupo Modelo, the World Bank, among others.

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  • Pact Consulting in Spain, USA, Mexico and Singapore Spain, USA, Mexico & Singapore
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DiUS - Pact Consulting

DiUS is an Australian technology company that puts innovation at the heart of how we help our clients. We specialise in figuring out how to best use emerging technology to solve difficult problems, get new ideas to market, or disrupt traditional business models. It's our focus on problem solving and breadth of capability—web, mobile, cloud, IoT, ML, XD—that delivers standout results.

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  • Pact Consulting in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Tokyo APAC: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth & Tokyo
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