Pactflow Contract Testing Report - 2021

We're excited to share the first Pactflow Contract Testing Report!

This inaugural report shares insights from a recent survey we conducted to uncover how Pactflow customers, and users of the self-hosted Pact Broker, are using, and benefiting, from contract testing.

Download the free report to access our analysis and insights based on anonymised feedback from users across 41 different industries, seven world continents and more than 100 different organisations.

Insights include:

  • The top global regions, industries, roles and team sizes using contract testing
  • The motivations to get started with contract testing
  • Time taken to get up and running and how the use of contract testing for teams changes over time
  • Reasons users choose Pactflow over the self-hosted Pact Broker
  • Areas for improvement - and what we're doing about it
  • And more!

Get the report

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