Here is a full list of our Data Processors for the Pactflow cloud platform, all of which we have signed an up-to-date Data Processing Agreements (DPA) with:

Data Processor Description Location Critical System* ?
AWS Cloud hosting provider United States Y1
Google (Docs + Analytics) Document Management and behavioural analytics United States N
Pendo User onboarding and Experience United States N 1
Chargebee Subscription management United States N
Stripe Payment Gateway United States N
Mailgun Operational email sending United States N 1
Segment Analytics United States N 1
Mixpanel Analytics United States N 1

Any Data Processor which holds PII or customer data must also hold a valid SOC2 or ISO27001 certification.

  • * A critical system is one in which Pactflow cannot operate without
  • 1 Applies to our hosted plans only
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