Free Guest Users for Business Plans

Free Guest Users for Business Plans

Matt Fellows

When rolling out Pactflow and contract-testing in large organisations, there are times where you may find people that want to get involved in the process, but aren't going to be writing, maintaining and integrating contract tests - i.e. they don't require full access to the system. For example, Engineering Managers, Architects, Business Analysts or even QAs overseeing the practice may want to get a birds-eye view of what's going on.

Guest Users are users that have the Guest role applied to them, limiting a user's access to the user interface only (that is, they don't have API access), and only the contract related information and test results are visible to them. The role is already available on all plans.

Guest Users ordinarily consume a paid license, however today we are making Guest Users free for our eligible Business plans (see "Availability" below).

Managing Guest Users

Users with only the role Guest assigned to them will not be counted toward your user limit. If a user has multiple roles assigned - even if one of them is Guest - they will count toward your limits.

You may find that setting the default role to Guest is a simpler way of managing this, particularly if you've enabled SSO on your account where users are dynamically provisioned into Pactflow. This way, new users will start with limited access and once assigned a team can be granted an appropriate role. You can do this via the System Preferences screen:

You can set the default role via the System Preferences screen


Guest Users are enabled on all plans and are free for our Business customers with plans of 100 or more users.

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